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Two offshore leisure fishery platforms delivered by the company

        On October 5, after 3 months of careful construction, the "Fanxing fishing and leisure platform" and "Haidongqing platform" built by SHGSIC for Qinhuangdao Fanxing Cultural Tourism Co., Ltd. and Qinhuangdao Haidongqing Food Co., Ltd. were successfully delivered. This indicates that the development of leisure fishery in Qinhuangdao has reached a new stage. Feng Zhiyong, vice mayor of Qinhuangdao City, Chen Xiaohu, director of Qinhuangdao ocean and Fisheries Bureau, Zhou Yanfu, deputy director of Qinhuangdao maritime bureau, Yao Xuecun, general manager of Qinhuangdao branch of China Classification Society, Liu Yong, chairman of Qinhuangdao Fanxing Culture Tourism Co., Ltd., Tu Xuehong, chairman of Qinhuangdao Haidongqing Food Co., Ltd., and Yao Hongshan, general manager of SHGSIC attended the delivery ceremony.

        The offshore recreational fishery platform is a self elevating movable platform, which is composed of main hull, living area, fixed pile frame, pile leg and pile shoe. The platform is a rectangular main body with a total length of 28m and a total width of 29m. Four cylindrical pile legs are arranged at four corners of the main body. Each pile leg is equipped with a set of hydraulic pin type lifting system. The platform is equipped with two main generators and one emergency generator to ensure long-term uninterrupted power supply.

         The marine leisure fishery platform is the first national marine husbandry tourism and leisure platform in Qinhuangdao, which integrates marine tourism and fishing, fishing experience, marine sightseeing, catering and entertainment, popular science education, marine observation and other functions. The successful delivery and use of the platform is the first step in the transformation from traditional industry to modern leisure fishery, which will surely promote the transformation of Qinhuangdao marine industry from low-end extensive type to high-end innovation, further promote the construction level of Qinhuangdao marine ecological civilization, and provide a new economic growth point for the development of Tourism industry in Qinhuangdao.