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Shanhaiguan Shipbuilding Industry Co., Ltd. (SHGSIC), whose former name is Shanhaiguan Shipyard, is a first class state-owned enterprise of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC). It was established from 1972, went into operation in 1986, and transformed into Enterprise in 2007.

The main business of SHGSIC is ship-repair , shipbuilding, ship conversion, scrapping, off-shore engineering construction, maintenance, harbor machinery, steel fabrication, shipping spare parts providing, heat-dip galvanization, project construction, wharf loading/unloading and storage business. SHGSIC has been found to conform to system standard GB/T I9001-2000-ISO, gained the authority of doing direct import/export business in 1995 and the authority of harbor & mooring managing in 2001.

The area of SHGSIC is 3,116,000m2, which includes 2,088,000m2 land areas and 1,028,000m2 harbor basin areas. The principal dimensions of two ship-building docks are 240m×28m×9.8m and 440m×100m×12m;  four ship-repairing docks are 240m×39m×11.4m340m×64m×12.8m320m×56m×13.3m and 260m×50m×13m.There are 19 quays of 5641.6m length in total. There are steel treatment plant, piping fabrication workshop, hull association workshop, subsection installation & welding workshop and complex coating shop and other production equipments. There are over 6000 sets of facility including 600 tons gantry crane, tug boats, 1250 tons hydraulic machineries, edge planers, guillotines, steel pre-treatment line, sheet flattening machine, pipe bending machines, 10 meters lathes, submerged arc welding machines, co2 protection welding machines, CNC steel cutters, plasma cutting machines and photo-electric tracing cutting machines. At present SHGSIC has more than 2,700 employees including 1,000 senior technical workers, professional administrators and engineering technicians. In addition, there are 1,500 contract workers and 12,000 outsourcing workers contribute energy to the production.

The ship-repair annual capacity of SHGSIC is more than 200 vessels . According to the regulations of ship classification society at home and abroad, international pact and standard, SHGSIC has repaired and converted tankers, rigs, bulk carries, general cargo ships, Ro-Ro ships, container carriers, reefer ships, ore carries, floating cranes, rescue ships, supply ships, harbor vessels, chemical tankers, special vessels, offshore facilities etc. The shipbuilding annual capacity of SHGSIC is about 1,400,000DWT. We have accomplished a series of new building projects, such as two semi-submersible barges , well-known turbine installation vessel , 70,000DWT floating dock , two 2600TEU container vessels , 30,000DWT bulk carries, 30,000DWT lake bulk carrier, 35,000DWT bulk carriers, 93,000DWT bulk carriers etc. Now we keeps a good business relationship with many major shipping companies from more than 30 countries and areas with good reputation. Such as Korea, Greece, India, Denmark, USA, Hong Kong Taiwan etc.

SHGSIC is busy providing well-pleasing products for ship-owners and clients depending on its advanced facilities and abundant technical strength. The successful delivery of these vessels promoted the establishment of “Brand of SHGSIC” in shipbuilding and repairing market.