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Successful Delivery of Offshore Windower Installation Platform “ZHONG CHUAN HAI GONG 101”

On July 31, SHGSIC held a naming and delivery ceremony for the wind power installation platform w1000-1 of CSIC (Tianjin) Offshore Windpower Engineering and Technology Co., Ltd. The platform is named “ZHONG CHUAN HAI GONG 101”.

Li Zhi, president and Huo Jinzhong, deputy general manager of CSIC (Tianjin) Offshore Windpower Engineering and Technology Co.; Yang Jian, general manager of Huaneng Liaoning clean energy Co., Ltd.; Wang Jing, deputy director of Qinhuangdao Marine and Fisheries Bureau; Wang Yongdong, deputy director of China Railway Construction Port and Waterway Bureau Group Co., Ltd.; Li Zhonggang, deputy general manager of China Shipbuilding Industry Ship Design and Research Center Co., Ltd.; and Wu Min, general manager of CCS; Yao Xuecun, general manager of Qinhuangdao branch; Yao Hongshan, general manager and Gao Fuquan, vice general manager of SHGSIC attended the ceremony.

In his speech, Li Zhi said that the construction of offshore wind power installation platform is the requirement to thoroughly implement the high-quality development strategy outline of the group company and advance the group company to build the whole industrial chain of offshore wind power. Taking the lead in owning the offshore wind power installation platform is very important for actively participating in the construction of offshore wind filed and seizing the new energy market. Li Zhi spoke highly of SHGSIC for overcoming many difficulties, breaking through many technical difficulties and realizing high-quality completion and delivery of the platform in the period of the adverse impact of the epidemic.

Yao Hongshan said in his speech that SHGSIC will continue to implement the concept of "high starting point planning, high quality implementation, high standard inspection, and steadily promote the best quality management of ships", focusing on management internally and building an image outside, with the goal of creating the best and best ships, and taking providing high-quality products and thoughtful services as our own responsibility, SHGSIC will spare no effort to promote the construction of various types of ships and marine engineering to create high-quality development, strive to walk the long march road in the new era, and fully support Qinhuangdao Municipal Party committee and Municipal Government in building a marine economy demonstration city.

“ZHONG CHUAN HAI GONG 101” is a "multi-functional platform mainly for offshore wind power installation" which was built for CSIC (Tianjin) Offshore Windpower Engineering and Technology Co. for the first time. The platform is 93 meters long, 41 meters wide and 7 meters deep. The designed draft is 4.8 meters, and the working water depth is 45 meters. The operation area is offshore. The operation efficiency, variable load carrying capacity, dynamic positioning system are at the leading level in China. Its expansibility, local system automation and intelligent, green environmental protection and other aspects are in the forefront of the same type of domestic platforms at present. It is listed as the marine economy of Qinhuangdao city economic innovation and development demonstration projects.

The key stage of the construction of the platform is in the period of new coronavirus. The project team, production and design units of SHGSIC overcame the difficulties of construction, cooperated closely, prepared carefully, formulated countermeasures, worked together and worked together steadily. The majority of leaders and employees braved the severe cold and heat to fight in the production line. With the active cooperation and strong support of ship owners and Ship Surveyors, SHGSIC overcame the shortage of manpower and the lack of service providers. It has completed a series of major nodes, won the "three majors" battle of launching, sea trial and ship delivery to ensure the smooth construction of the project. The successful delivery of the platform fully reflects the spirit and work style of Shanchuan people who are not afraid of difficulties, forge ahead, struggle hard and face challenges.