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B82k-12 Successfully Delivered

On June 11, the second 82,000DWT bulk carrier B82k-12 "Golden Forward" built by Shanhaiguan Shipbuilding Industry Co., Ltd. of DSIC for Frontline was completed and delivered. This is the first delivered ship after Covid-19 appeared. The successful construction and delivery of the ship marks the first victory of our company's special labor competition of "risk aversion and guaranteed delivery of key products", and also lays a foundation for the delivery of subsequent series of ships.

On the morning of June 10th, the delivery signing ceremony of B82K-12 was held. Mr.Sarkar of Frontline, Mr.Daniel of LR Classification Society, Mr. Jin Baogang of CSOC, and Vice Manager Mr. Gao Fuquan of SHGSIC attended the ceremony. Frontline, CSOC and SHGSIC of DSIC signed for the delivery of the ship.

Affected by the epidemic situation, the construction and delivery of the series of ships are facing great difficulties, and the production nodes lag seriously. Since the resumption of work in the Spring Festival, the company has successively carried out the activities of "fight epidemic, guarantee production, grasp management and plan development" and special labor competition, established a leading group of activities, encouraged and called on all units and employees to enhance their sense of responsibility and mission, devoted themselves to the production work, and won a battle of ship guarantee related to the fate of the enterprise while determined to win the war of prevention and control of epidemic.

The wharf commissioning and sea trial of B82k-12 is was a critical period of epidemic prevention and control. The project team and the shipbuilding production unit overcame the difficulties of the Spring Festival holiday and epidemic prevention and control, such as the shortage of outsourcing labor force, the failure of service engineers to arrive at the worksite on time for commissioning and so on. They worked together to coordinate resources and implemented production tasks in strict accordance with the plan. Managers at all levels stationed at the production site, with the strong cooperation of shipowners and ship inspection, which made positive contributions to the realization of ship delivery.

In particular, in order to ensure the trial node of the ship in late March, from March 1st to 2nd, the general Party branch of the production department, the general Party branch of the general assembly department, and the general Party branch of the company successively organized more than 150 party members and leaders to invest in the outer board roughening project of the living area of the ship. According to the assigned area, the party members stood on the staging more than ten meters high, holding the sandpaper in their hands, grinding one by one, rubbing one by one, without neglecting every detail. The dust on site was very serious, and soon they fell a thick layer. According to statistics, more than 600 square meters of living area outer board grinding was completed in that activity, accounting for 71% of the total area. The wall finish fully met the construction requirements, creating favorable conditions for the subsequent coating works of the ship. Party members put the party flag in the forefront of production with practical actions, and let the party emblem shine in the battle of "epidemic" to ensure the delivery of ships.

The sea trial of the ship was completed on April 4, and all remaining items were carried out. However, since May, the continuous rainy weather has made a great impact on the coating project. The project team arranged carefully to sort out all the work before delivery. The management personnel of the project team didn't get off the ship at noon and didn't go home until midnight. They worked overtime every day to command the construction on site. There are 1,440 outstanding projects in total. The shipyard worked closely with the shipowner. In addition to normal working hours, they used overtime work at noon or at night to confirm the outstanding projects. After the ship's first voyage to Singapore, there will be a simple ceremony, so the owner asked for the renovation of the outer board area. SHGSIC arranged the berths in the first time, and completed the outer panel renovation in only 2 days, which was highly praised by the shipowners and the operation company.

In the whole process of the construction of the ship, the majority of Party members and leaders gave full play to their vanguard and exemplary role, and made arduous efforts to win the battle of ensuring the delivery of the ship. The shipowner highly appraised the construction quality and performance of the ship as well as the service of SHGSIC in the construction process.